Right now on this earth, we have days where we can clearly see God and follow his lead.

But then the sun goes down, the fog rolls in, and we begin to doubt.

Our prayer might sound something like this…Lord, I can’t see the steps anymore. Is the path still there? I reach my hands out and I all I feel is…air. Nothing.

When we can no longer see the path in front of us, it’s time to do one of two things:

The first is to continue on with the last direction he gave us. If he’s shown us the way to go in the middle of the day, it is still the same in the darkness of night. What if, when the sun went down, we engaged our faith and trusted God even more than we did in the middle of day? What if we recited the old hymn to ourselves, On Christ the solid rock I stand, and with our feet planted on solid ground, on an immovable, unshakable platform, we continued on. If he’s revealed a path to us, nothing on earth can erase that path. We just need to keep moving.

The second is to stop and seek him. There are those times where fog rolls in and envelops us so completely that it renders us immobile. Even holding our hand out in front of us, we cannot see. We would have no way of knowing if we are going north or south, east or west. This is where it’s not only ok to stop, it’s necessary. To move forward could mean losing ground, getting terribly lost, or worse, hurt. This is a time to seek God’s face.

The temptation is to believe that our goal here on earth is to get saved by saying a quick prayer, to live a moral life, and then wait until death to meet God. But I believe there’s so much more to it than that. Life is one big adventure, and the more time we spend with Jesus, the more we’ll be able to recognize his voice and follow where he’s leading us. As we live life following him, we will undoubtedly recognize how desperately we need his forgiveness and grace. And as we allow him to lead us, teach us, restore us, and redeem us, the more we won’t be able to wait until that day we are united with him.

The Lord wants us to know him now. We have the invitation to live a life that is fully outside of ourselves. One that is rooted in relationship with him. Think about the reunion you’ll have when you get to heaven after you’ve had a lifetime of walking and adventuring with him on earth. What awaits us on the other side? How will he use our lives here on earth to prepare for what’s ahead?

In heaven, we won’t have an enemy waiting to sabotage us on every corner. But since the reality is that we do, let’s take a knee, abide, and listen to what he’s saying and where he’s leading. Let’s let our faith be rooted in his truth, and trust him with unwavering courage. And let’s believe what he says and take him at his word.

In heaven we will never be separated from the presence of God. He will forever be with us. But as it is now, let’s continue to Abide, Trust, and Believe.