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Hey there! I’m Kristen Larson. I’m a writer who loves to share my personal story as it’s happening. God is always moving me, changing me, growing me, developing me, refining me. And even though I’m far from having the method figured out, I can’t help but share how God is always faithful to redeem, able to restore, and patient to make me more like him.

I wish I could tell you this blog follows some kind of pattern or theme, but it doesn’t. I’ve tried, but I don’t think it ever will. In the past I’ve tried to write on the big themes of Abiding, Trusting and Believing. Recently, I’ve been challenging myself by writing weekly devotionals based on scriptures that have been impactful for me. But I keep finding that every time I try to commit to something, I quickly find it just doesn’t fit. For whatever reason, I just can’t seem to stick with set plan or schedule.

So, if you follow along with me, you may not always get what you expect – but you will get my honest thoughts and an insights into how I process life. And whether I’m sharing about my own life or some thoughts on a passage of scripture, I will always point you, and myself, back to Jesus Christ.

I hope you do follow along, and I hope you find some helpful encouragement on this site.

Much love,

Kristen Larson is an administrative professional currently working in Christian Publishing. She’s a self-taught writer who’s written devotionals for Barbour Publishing, was a blog contributor for the Faith Radio Network, contributed to two Bridging the Gap devotionals, and just recently wrote five chapters for a July 2021 release through Bethany House Publishers. She lives in rural Minnesota with her husband, Luke, and two dogs.
Find her on Instagram: @abidetrustbelieve

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